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100 Years of Gordon Women's Basketball

The 2023-24 seaon marks the 100th year of Women's Basketball at Gordon College. The inaugural team went undefeated (3-0) with an average score of 46-24. The decision to put women on a basketball court a century ago was incredibly bold and wildly ahead of it's time. There is historic precedent for supporting women and women's athletics at Gordon College; I hope you will honor our team's legacy by getting to know the history of our program!



This team has shaped the lives of almost six-hundred girls who played basketball at Gordon College.  Each of them joined this program to compete, to move, to feel, to express how deeply and carefully and purposefully they were made.  Some were captains and leading scorers, others were role players, lunch-pail type yeomen who advanced the team through their work ethic and determination.  Some of them were trailblazers and pioneers, stepping onto the court to prove their capability and vitality.  All wanted to be part of a sisterhood; athletes, competitors, friends, students. 

They were all of those things; all were members of a special community, exemplifying the best of Gordon College.  These women were paragons of


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They struggled, as all college students do, but they did so as members of a community with a special bond.  They were trailblazers,

to share the joy of playing with teammates who care deeply, to


your college experience; how it impacted your life. As you remember, please consider investing in this year's team and the experience these student-athletes are having. You can make a difference in their lives.


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Women's Basketball Alumna

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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